Recycle plastic make up packaging 

Why not get together with friends to recycle your old makeup containers?

All brands accepted
All brands of empty makeup packaging
Empty eye and brow makeup packaging

Empty lip makeup packaging
(e.g. mascara wands, eyeliner pens and eyeshadow compacts) (e.g. lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms)

Empty face makeup packaging (e.g. compacts, tubes and pots)

Waste that is NOT accepted:
• Glass bottles (e.g. foundation bottles and cream eyeshadow jars) • Wooden eye pencils
• Makeup brushes
• Nail varnish
• Aerosol containers

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Good News!

Now you can buy food that would otherwise  be thrown out at greatly reduced prices

download the app toogood togo

from the website



The consumer has the power to change the way business works - we can campaign by spending our money differently

  • Clothes swaps so that we don't buy fast fashion
  • Yard sales to pass on unwanted things so that they don't end up in landfill
  • Plastic-free shopping
  • Library of Tools
  • Repair cafe
  • Re-use/upcycle
  • Bulk buying to keep costs down
  • Education on recycling


Nearly New Clothes Sale

Our first Nearly New Clothes Sale in 2022 was a success! 

We had 40 sellers giving us clothes to sell and over 70 visitors on the day. We have learnt a lot from the event and are looking to organising another one in 2023.



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Useful recycling websites

Food Loose in Cheltenham

Whole Food online

Good Club eco shopping



Our first Sale Trail was held on 9th April

Did you take part? How did it go? Let us know what you would like to see at future events.

Contact us


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Let’s ditch the plastic!
A few ideas on living without plastic.

Plastic is an amazing material and it has revolutionised our lives. But, sadly, plastic can be around for many years.

We’ve thrown away 6.3 billon tonnes of plastic since mass production began in the 1950s but only 600 million tonnes have been recycled. The remaining 4.9 billion tonnes have been sent to landÔ¨Āll or left in the natural environment, wreaking havoc on wildlife and marine life.*

So what steps can we take to live without plastic?


Here are a few ideas:-

  • Use white vinegar as a window cleaner.
  • Clean your sinks, baths and showers with bicarbonate of soda. Available in cardboard boxes from Ace Hardware.
  • Wash your hair with solid shampoo bars. 
  • Condition your hair with a rinse made from a mix of 1/2 cup warm water and 1/4 cup white or apple vinegar. 
  • Swap your plastic bottles of hand soap for a solid soap bar.
  • Next time buy a wood and bristle washing up brush.
  • Here is a good recipe for home-made toilet bombs-
  • Try a bio-degradable bamboo toothbrush. Or buy bio-degradable electric toothbrush heads.
  • Instead of toothpaste in a plastic tube, use solid toothpaste tablets.
  • Use a natural sponge for wiping and washing up and, when it's no longer useful, cut it up and put it in compost where it will break down unlike plastic sponges and micro fibre cloths.
  • Shop at Hayles Fruit Farm where you can buy lots of loose vegetables.
  • Buy re-usable mesh bags to put your loose fruit and veg in.
  • Refill bottles of Ecover products at Food Fanatics here in Winchcombe.
  • Shop at Food Loose in Cheltenham where you can refill many bottles with cleaning products, shampoos, conditioner and hand wash. You can also buy various dried goods such as coffee, beans, teas, cereals and pasta loose. Take your mesh bags or re-use glass and plastic containers.


*With thanks to for information on the life of plastic.



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