Click on the title of a group to find out what we are doing and how to get involved.

Waste not - Find out about recycling locally

We are running the toy library, the nearly new clothes sales and sale trail

Green money - Find out if your money is supporting who you think it is

We organise talks and workshops to help people change to greener banks and challenge their banks

Homes and energy  - Find out what you can do to help reduce energy bills in your home

Nature First - Find out what we are doing to support hedgehogs and swifts in the local area and where we are getting trees planted

We have held a talk on hedgehogs, organised a hedgehog trail for families, installed many swift boxes around the town and planted trees in various locations

Transport - Find out how to get around the area sustainably

We are setting up a car club to help people share cars locally


We are working with Winchcombe School to support them in becoming an Eco school as well as working with Winchcombe Town Council