Let's lead the way

  • Electric vehicles and charging points
  • Better cycling and walking routes
  • Reducing speed to 20mph through the centre of Winchcombe
  • Using public transport
  • Encouraging lift sharing and community transport solutions


Winchcombe Community Car Club


 What kind of cars will be used?

This is still under discussion, but the plan is to use electric cars. The aim is to have enough cars that there is one available at most times, so that the club is convenient for people who need a car at short notice. 

 Where will the cars be parked?

A central location in Winchcombe. We are in discussions with Winchcombe Town Council.

 How would you book a car?

We will decide this with the members, but one idea is having a card that lets you into the car once you have booked it (like a hotel keycard). You would be able to book through an app, and probably also by phone.

 Who owns the cars, and decides the prices?

The cars will be owned collectively by the Club. Anyone who becomes a member will have a say in how the pricing works and transparent access to the Club finances. The aim is not to make a profit, but to give Winchcombe residents access to electric vehicles, and the ability to use a car part-time.

Similar organisations use a pricing structure such as: £30 initial joining fee, which pays for a keycard and admin, then £7 per hour with a surcharge of 7p per mile. This is lower for a day's hire.

 Who will buy the cars initially, and raise setup costs?

The Club will initially borrow money from volunteers to buy the cars. This will be in the form of a loan and will be paid back gradually as the cars are used, or in a lump sum when a car is sold. We are confident this will work as we already have people ready to help buy the first cars.

How do I get involved?

Register your interest at https://winchcombecar.club/